What is the price of Maya 2016 for

Autodesk unveils Maya Monday, July 25th, Posted by Jim Thacker Autodesk has unveiled Maya , the latest update to its 3D modelling and animation software, adding a new Time Editor for editing animations, and updates to the Bifrost and XGen simulation toolsets. The release also marks a turning point in rendering policy, with the licence of mental ray previously bundled with the software jettisoned in favour of Arnold, which Autodesk acquired earlier this year. The new features have been announced to coincide with Siggraph Unlike the existing Trax editor, any attribute that can be keyframed within Maya can be brought into the Time Editor as a clip — including cameras and texture properties as well as characters. It includes retiming and audio editing tools, and the option to build up complex motions in layers. The system enables artists to create grooms in real time with a set of standard brush-based tools. Once created, the grooming descriptions and modifiers are standard Maya nodes, and can therefore be manipulated in the Node Editor; and all of the interactive groom data is saved to the Maya scene file.

what is the price of Maya 2016 for

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